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Led by Karen Spitz, Licensing Link will use its industry clout and expertise in identifying and procuring characters and brand names, strategic planning and development of marketing plans.

Licensing Link is a leader in building manufactures licensing programs. The key to Licensing Link’s success in working with its licensees includes staying on top of new trends and the ability to match the right property with the right product, and most importantly having strong licensing negotiation skills.

We provide a full service licensing package:

1) Communication with our clients to update them of new properties.
2) Negotiating license agreements at the lowest possible cost and contract reviews to ensure business agreement terms are fully understood and to your advantage.
3) Relationships to establish your company as a major force in your product categories.
4) Contract Reviews to ensure all possible business terms are to your best advantage.
5) Marketing Plans to increase your chances of securing the properties you want.

Our client list includes leading manufacturers in various categories.

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We believe in building your companies success by working together and aiming for the same goals.


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